Types of Air Mattresses

To get acquainted with Air Mattresses, it is better to read a brief explanation about bedsores first:

Bedsores are pressure ulcers that happen on areas of the skin that are under pressure from lying in bed and/or sitting on a chair without movement for a prolonged time. In fact, the pressure on these areas prevents blood from reaching their tissues. When no change in your position occurs, the blood supply to the tissue goes down and this causes a sore.

Air mattresses in Fartak

Air mattresses

To delay bedsores or decline the progression of bedsores (if the patient has faced one), special mattresses, called Air Mattresses, are used. There are different types of air mattresses; the most famous ones are Cellular, Oval, and Sensory. Each of these mattresses has different functions and specifications.

As mentioned, these mattresses have different types that can be used depending on the needs of the patient and the doctor’s diagnosis.

For a person with bedsore, the severity of the bedsore, the amount of mobility, and the patient’s awareness should be considered.

The patient’s weight is also important. Bedsores and their complications are more likely to occur in overweight patients. Obviously, patients with more acute conditions need more advanced and equipped air mattresses that can protect them well.

Air mattresses in Fartak medical techniques

Very High-Risk Air Mattress

High-Risk Air Mattress

Medium Risk Air Mattress

Low-risk Air Mattress

List of centers equipped with our Air Mattresses

Click on the link below to view a list of centers equipped with our Air Mattresses:
List of Air Mattresses

    • Our company has considered the maximum output pressure for our mattresses in comparison with similar products. The output pressure is 7lit/min for Low-Risk Mattresses, 9lit/min for Medium Risk, 9lit/min for High-Risk, and 18 lit/min for Very High Risk.
    • Each air mattress has a pump with a specific output pressure and a number of cells.

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