• LIO70 suction device with a maximum suction power of 670mmHg and a flow rate of 70lit / min and with low noise operation can be used in all surgical, CCU, ICU and emergency wards, and medical clinics.
    • This device has an oil-free piston vacuum pump that has long-term operation and very low noise.
    • The heat shutoff system of this pump plays an important role in the lifetime of this device.
    • This device is equipped with an antibacterial filter to prevent the spread of contamination in the environment and its mechanical shutoff system prevents liquids from entering the device. This system guarantees the quality of operation and a long lifetime of the pump.

Download the Suction Catalog here:
Suction Catalog

Download the Suction Brochure here:
Suction Brochure

Download the Suction User Manual here:
Suction User Manual

Download the Suction Quick Guide here:
Suction Quick Guide


Technical Specifications
List of centers equipped with our Suction devices

Technical Specifications of the Suction

    • Equipped with the latest generation of low-noise vacuum pumps in oil-free models
    • Maximum vacuum power: -670mmHg
    • High Flow: 70lit/min
    • Equipped with an antibacterial filter in the air inlet of the vacuum pump to prevent the spread of contamination in the environment.
    • Equipped with two three-litter autoclavable jars made of unbreakable polycarbonate
    • Plastic jar lid equipped with a mechanical disconnector
    • The jar lid opens and closes easily to drain and wash up.
    • Equipped with a two-way selector to
    • select the desired jar without needing to move the vacuum hose
    • Equipped with an automatic mechanical system to prevent liquids from entering the device
    • Equipped with an advanced mechanical system to prevent overflow at the inlet of jars
    • Equipped with a buzzer and flashing LED ring for alarm notification
    • Using suitable and smooth wheels for easy movement with lockability
    • Possibility of using disposable jars in order to control nosocomial infections
    • Ability to activate and deactivate the vacuum pump by foot pedal
    • Protecting the device against the penetration of IPX1 liquids
    • In accordance with Class I Safety Standard
    • In accordance with BF Type Safety Standard
    • With IEC 60601-1-2 and IEC 60601-1 Standard
    • ISIRI 4592 Certificate and Badge issued by National Standards Organization

List of centers equipped with our Suction Devices

Click on the link below to view a list of centers equipped with our Suction Device:
List of Suction Devices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the type of Suction Pump?


2. What is the power and suction of the Pump?

Maximum vacuum power: –670mmHg

3. Does the Suction device have a disconnector or not?

Yes. It has a disconnector.

4. How many jars does the Suction device have?

Two 3-L jars and one 200-cc jar

5. How much is the pump sound of the device?
It has very low noise.

6. How much is the vacuum flow rate?

High Flow: (70lit/min)

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