Low-risk Air Mattress

LOW RISK (LSD: Low-risk Semi Digital)

      • These mattresses are used in inpatient wards and for medium-risk patients.
      • The S7 pump is used for Low-Risk Air Mattresses with a maximum output flow of 7L per minute.
      • Manual pressure adjustment in S7 Pump can be performed using the provided Height and Weight Table.
      • Medium Risk Mattresses have 18 replaceable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cells

Mattress Specifications
Air Mattresses Catalogs
Technical Specifications of the S7 Pump
S7 Pump User Manual
List of centers equipped with our Air Mattresses

Mattress Specifications

      • Mattress base cover: Tarpaulin
      • Washable waterproof stretch cover with a zip around
      • The airway is made of soft TPU. This type of airway is very resistant to changes in the position of the bed and mattress and does not break or tear.
      • It contains bilateral CPR and three exit routes for quick deflation.
      • 18 replaceable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cells
      • The useful height of each cell after filling is 10cm.
      • Each cell has a CQC Connector. Therefore, the nurse can easily change cells if damaged.
      • Each mattress contains a bag with 8 Caps inside. In case there is no spare cell in the center, they help to temporarily fix the leak so that the device continues to operate.
      • Contains Transport Cap to move the patient with the mattress without using the pump
      • Mattress dimensions: 200*90*10

Download the Catalogs of our Air Mattresses here:
Air Mattresses Catalogs

Technical specifications of the S7 pump

      • Equipped with an Outflow Pressure Adjustment Knob
      • Equipped with Digital Cycle Time Regulator
      • Equipped with audio and visual alarms for Low Pressure
      • Equipped with audio and visual alarms for Power Failure
      • Equipped with audio and visual alarms for Service
      • Contains Static & Alternative modes
      • Capable to return from Static to Alternative mode automatically after 30 minutes, if the user forgets
      • Equipped with a lock key to protect the applied settings
      • Equipped with a high-efficiency PU Diaphragm Compressor
      • Compressor Capacity: 7L
      • Anti-shock Design of the Compressor inside the Pump
      • Internal Retaining Toggle
      • Water and Liquids Penetration Resistance Design

Download the S7 Pump User Manual here:
S7 Pump User Manual

List of centers equipped with our Air Mattresses

Click on the link below to view a list of centers equipped with our Air Mattresses:
List of Air Mattresses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many types of bed mattresses does our company produce?

          • Very High-risk Air Mattresses
          • High-risk Air Mattresses
          • Medium Risk Air Mattresses
          • Low-Risk Air Mattresses

2. What is the height of the Low-risk Mattresses?

10 centimeters

3. What is the Mattress cover material?

The cover of the mattress is made of polyurethane, but upon customer request, it can also be ordered with a leather cover.

4. How many types of covers do we have for air mattresses?

TPU cover and leather cover.

5. To what extent can this mattress bear the weight of the patient?

Up to 180 kg

6. Is the mattress cover waterproof?


7. Is the mattress cover anti-sweat?

Yes. The polyurethane cover is anti-sweat.

8. How many years of warranty does this mattress have?

One-year warranty and 10-year after-sale service.

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