i-sens Electrolyte Analyzer i-Smart 30 PRO

    • Portable
    • Operates on battery for a maximum of 2 hours without being plugged in.
    • Operating System: Windows
    • Measures Na+, K+, Cl- concentrations
    • Required Sample blood volume for testing: 60µl
    • Report Patient Results in 35 seconds
    • The all-in-one cartridge contains all reagents & consumables such as electrodes, calibration solutions, filling solutions, Cleaners, tubing, valves, waste bag, and sampler needle.
    • The device mode is ‘Closed’.
    • Replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!
    • Able to store 320,000 results of samples and quality control through the high-capacity database
    • Easy Network Interface Setup to LIS/HIS
    • Free Calibration

Download the Electrolyte Analyzer Catalog here:
Electrolyte Analyzer Catalog

Download the Electrolyte Analyzer Brochure here:
Electrolyte Analyzer Brochure

Download the Electrolyte Analyzer User Manual here:
Electrolyte Analyzer User Manual

Download the Electrolyte Analyzer Quick Guide here:
Blood Gas Analyzer Quick Guide


Technical Specifications
List of centers equipped with our Electrolyte Analyzer


South Korea’s i-sens Electrolyte Analyzer, like solvent electrodes, does not have an electrode that needs to be replaced after a while. The electrical card sensor is located inside the cartridge, which performs the work of the electrode inside the device. The device operates in such a way that as soon as the sample enters, its potential difference with respect to the reference solution inside the cartridge is automatically calculated and sits on the card sensor lines, each dedicated to one ion, and the final result is displayed.

    • It should be noted that the results are observable in two ways:
      • The device has a printer that after testing, it can print the sample answer manually or automatically.
      • Equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD touchscreen where the test results can be seen.
    • Since an all-in-one cartridge contains all reagents & consumables, replacing a cartridge is all you have to do for maintenance!
    • The shelf life of the cartridges is 28 days and is available in 4 types of 100 Tests, 150 Tests, 200 Tests, and 300 Tests, which can be purchased and used depending on the needs of the centers. (It should be noted that the shelf life of the cartridges is 18 months from the manufacturing date.)
    • The calibration operation in the i-sens electrolyte analyzer is completely free because the test chamber in the device is separate from the calibration solution and the test number of the device is not used during calibration.
    • There is a counter on the LCD that as soon as the cartridge is inserted and introduced to the device, a number depending on the type of cartridge (100 tests, 150 tests, 200 tests, and 300 tests) appears, which indicates the number of tests remaining. Numbers do not decrease during calibration.
    • The operating system of the device is Windows and the software is completely user-friendly.
    • Another advantage of this device is the presence of a 2-hour built-in battery and its lightweight of 5.5 kg, which makes the device portable. Also, if the power of the device is cut for any reason and the built-in battery is used for two hours and after that, the device is switched off, the device can store information for up to 24 hours.
    • This device has Easy Network Interface Setup to LIS/HIS, which is already defined for the device, and the user can easily connect to the network through the device menu.
    • Able to store 320,000 results of samples, allowing the user to search for accurate information about the patient at a specific date and time.
    • This device requires a short time and a small sample to analyze the samples. The time required for sampling is 35 seconds and the sample size is 60µl.
    • The device receives samples in 4 ways: serum, plasma, whole blood, and urine without diluting the sample.
    • The appearance of the device includes a pedestal, 3 USB ports (for updating the device and making changes by the company, data transfer, and connecting a barcode scanner to scan the cartridge and introduce it to the device), 1 LAN Port, Network Serial and On/Off button.

Technical Specifications

    • ISE Measurement
    • Easy and Fast User-friendly Function
    • Able to measure electrolytes in less than 35 seconds
    • Measurement of blood electrolytes with less than 60µL of sample
    • Sampling through using a syringe, capillary, and cup
    • Sample types: whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine
    • Automatic Sample Suction
    • Free manual and automatic calibration capability
    • Electrodes, measuring and calibration solutions, and wastewater are present in a single cartridge
    • No need for annual electrode replacement
    • No need for the personnel to contact the sample directly
    • High accuracy in test results
    • Operates on battery for a maximum of 2 hours without being plugged in
    • Able to store 320,000 results of samples
    • USB (3-Port), Serial (RS-232), LAN (RJ45 Ethernet)
    • Operating System: Windows
    • Easy Network Interface Setup to LIS/HIS
    • A 7-inch touchscreen and Audio and visual usage guide
    • Able to store data for 24 hours if the device is switched off
    • Easy to carry (weight: 5.5 kg)
    • One-year warranty and 10-year aftersales service

List of centers equipped with our Electrolyte Analyzer

Click on the link below to view a list of centers equipped with our Electrolyte Analyzer:
List of Electrolyte Analyzer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      1. What is the model of the Electrolyte Analyzer? i-Smart 30 PRO
      2. What are the country and the manufacturer of the device? i-sens South Korea
      3. What model is the device? Cartridge-based
      4. How many cartridge models do we have? 3 models of 100 tests, 200 tests, and 300 tests
      5. What is the screen size of the device? 7 inches
      6. Does it have the ability to connect to LIS or HIS? Yes, it can be connected for free.
      7. How many sampling modes does the device have? Syringe, capillary, and cup
      8. What are the measuring parameters of the device? Na, K, Cl
      9. How long does it take to analyze a sample? 35 seconds
      10. What is the measurement volume of the sample? 60 microliters
      11. How much memory is the device? 320,000 data
      12. How is the calibration of the device? Calibration is completely free
      13. How much does the device weigh? 5.5 kg

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