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Management of Organization

At Fartak Medical Technologies Co., we have managed to create an integrated, professional and empathetic organization by following a difficult and uneven path for ten years. By creating a young, enthusiastic, and powerful team, we constantly think of trans-regional and global horizons.

We believe that our biggest asset is our young and expert human resources. People rely on their efforts and determination to improve the scientific level and expertise of the organization, and meanwhile are making progress and gaining knowledge day by day. These young forces are the capitals of our land. In this regard, we consider ourselves indebted to these forces and do our best for their ever-increasing improvement. We welcome all young, interested, and diligent people who are ready to learn and enjoy a challenge.

Fartak Medical Technologies Co. is committed to providing the most up-to-date equipment in accordance with international and national standards to the people of our beloved country.

A Decade of Presence in the Country’s Health Industry

Fartak Medical Technologies Co. started its activity in the field of medical equipment in 2012 with the aim of improving the level of health and quality of medical services in the country. The company’s activity was initially based on the import of quality products to the country, but now our enthusiastic and diligent team has succeeded in producing and localizing its products. Today, due to the quality and appropriate services, we have succeeded in capturing a large part of the domestic market for our products, and in a short period of time, attained an excellent position in the country’s health industry.

The Path to Progress 

      • 2013: Establishment of the Company / Import of Air Mattresses
      • 2015: Manufacturing of Air Mattresses Through Assembly / Import of Electrolyte Analyzer
      • 2016: Obtaining the ISO13485 Standard / Independent Production of Air Mattresses / Establishment of Intelligent Vista Med Company in Canada / Obtaining the National Standard of Suction.
      • 2017: Import of Blood Gas Analyzer
      • 2018: Obtaining the Production License for Hospital Mattresses
      • 2020: Obtaining the Export License for Air Mattresses
      • 2021: Obtaining CE / Obtaining the Production License for Suctions / Obtaining the Export License for Suctions
      • 2022: Improving scientific and technical capabilities

Our Growth Path


Advances in technology and innovation in medical equipment include:

      • Upgrading products’ technology
      • Increasing the product portfolio and adding individual products
      • Improving service quality using innovative methods
      • Providing sustainable and environmentally friendly services
      • Improving the quality of customer service
      • Increasing annual profitability by 9%
      • Development of the company’s products and services and export
      • Adding a new product to the portfolio annually
      • Developing green technologies and using the Internet of Things
      • Designing, manufacturing, and localizing medical equipment in the country


      • Development of company’s products and services and export abroad
      • The annual addition of a new product to the product basket
      • Development of green technologies and use of the Internet of Things
      • Designing, manufacturing, and localization of medical equipment inside the country

Key Members

shahab ahari

Shahab Ahari

Shahab Ahari, born in 1364, has done his bachelor’s and master’s degree in medical engineering and mechatronics engineering at Islamic Azad University, Sciences, and Research Branch. He has worked as a commercial manager in leading medical industry companies and Rastak Medical Technologies, and he also has experience working as an executive manager at Taban Teb Parse Company. In 2012, he established Fartak Medical Technologies Company and has been the chairman of the board of directors since then. In 2015, with the aim of expanding the company’s business internationally, he established Intelligent Vista Med in Ontario, Canada, and is currently launching Fartak’s product line in Canada.

tofan ahari

Toofan Ahari

Toofan Ahari, born in 1969, graduated in laboratory sciences. In addition to medical-related academic education, he has completed specialized courses and advanced training in sales management and planning at various institutions. His work experience includes sales management in Taban Teb Parseh and Rastak Medical Technologies and sales supervisor in Sanat Pezeshk Pishro. He has been the managing director of Fartak Medical Technologies and a member of the board of directors since 2013. Using his long experience in sales, he has succeeded in establishing a sales system based on customer orientation and customer satisfaction in Fartak.

Shayan Ahari

Shayan Ahari was born in 1362 and graduated in architectural engineering from Islamic Azad University. His activities in the field of commercialization and development of small businesses have led to the growth and commercialization of several start-ups in the field of architecture. He has been working for 6 years as the manager of the design unit at Mammoth company, and his activities include a wide range of responsibilities related to product realization. His experience and knowledge in the field of business start-up, product design, and realization made him work as a business development manager in the company since 2015.

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