Cold Foam Mattress

Matio14 Memory Foam Mattress

      • Matio14 Mattress is made of a 14-cm layer of Cold Foam.
      • These mattresses suit inpatient wards and patients with low and moderate risk of bedsores.
      • The waterproof polyurethane surface of this mattress prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the patient’s body by passing steam molecules.
      • The fabric used in these mattresses is purchased from reputable world-class manufacturers.

foam mattress

Technical Specifications of the Cold Foam Mattress

      • Mattress dimensions: 14*90*200
      • Cold Foam height: 14cm
      • Cold Foam density: 45kg/m3
      • Suitable for patients with low and moderate risk of bedsores.
      • The waterproof Turkish polyurethane cover
      • Using Two-side stretch fabric
      • Two-year Foam warranty
      • One-year cover warranty

Download the Catalogs of our Hospital Mattresses here:
Hospital Mattresses Catalogs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many types of hospital mattresses does our company produce?

      • Cold Foam Mattress
      • Smart Foam Mattress
      • Rebound Mattress

2. What is the height of the Cold Foam Mattresses?

10 centimeters

3. What is the Mattress cover material?

The cover of the mattress is made of polyurethane, but upon customer request, it can also be ordered with a leather cover.

4. How many types of covers do we have for hospital mattresses?

TPU cover and leather cover.

5. What is the density of the foam?


6. To what extent can this mattress bear the weight of the patient?

Up to 180 kg

7. What kind of foam is used in the mattress?

High-quality Cold Foam with 45kg/m3 density

8. Is the mattress cover waterproof?


9. Is the mattress cover anti-sweat?

The polyurethane cover is anti-sweat.

10. How many years of warranty does this mattress have?

Two-year foam warranty and one-year cover warranty.

11. Can it be ordered in different sizes?


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