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Fartak Medical Technologies Company started its activity in the field of medical equipment in 2012 with the aim of improving the level of health and quality of medical services in the country. The company’s activity was initially based on the import of quality products to the country, but now our enthusiastic and diligent team has succeeded in producing and localizing our products. Today, due to the quality and appropriate services, we have succeeded in capturing a large part of the domestic market for our products, and in a short period of time, attained an excellent position in the country’s health industry.

About us

Our Activities



Production of quality medical equipment according to domestic and international standards



Expanding the product market to foreign countries by obtaining international approvals and certificates



Importing the best brands of medical equipment from reputable companies according to the country’s needs

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Our Progress Path

2013-2014: Company Establishment, Importing Air Mattresses

2015-2016: Assembling Air Mattresses, Importing the Korean i-sens Electrolyte Analyzer Devices

2016-2017: Obtaining ISO13485, Manufacturing Air Mattresses, Establishing a new medical equipment company in Canada, named Intelligent Vista Med, Obtaining the national standard badge for Suction devices

2017-2018: Importing the Korean i-sens Blood Gas Analyzer Devices

2018-2019: Obtaining Hospital Mattresses Manufacturing License

2020-2021: Obtaining Air Mattresses Export License

2021-2022: Obtaining CE, Obtaining Suction Manufacturing License, Obtaining Suction Export License

2022-2023: Improving scientific and technical capabilities

Our Growth Path

Our Products

At Fartak Medical Technologies Company, through using our expertise and experience, and also making connections between knowledge and technology, we are taking steps to improve services and help people live longer and healthier lives by producing advanced products.

Very High Risk air mattress (d18)

Types of Air Mattresses

foam and memory foam mattress

Types of Mattresses

i-smart blood gaz analyzer

Blood Gas Analyzer

i-sens electrolyte analyzer

Electrolyte Analyzer





Iran Health Exhibition

Click to see Fartak’s 3D booth at Iran Health Exhibition 1401:

3D booth

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Arab Health Exhibition

Medica Exhibition

The International & National Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratories Exhibition

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Our Clients

We at Fanon Teb Fartak Company have managed to create an integrated, expert and empathetic organization by following a difficult and uneven path for ten years. By creating a young, enthusiastic, and powerful team now and in the future, we are thinking about trans-regional and global horizons.

Address: No. 42, Suite 10, Farzin St., Baqer Khan St., Shahrara , Sattar Khan, TEHRAN, IRAN

Factory Address: No. 3 Nabavi Street, Mosala Blvd, Enqelab Blvd., Shahre Qods, TEHRAN, IRAN

Email: info@fartakmedical.com


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