Rebound Mattress

7-cm Rebound Mattress

Matio4 Rebound Mattress

      • Matio4 Mattress is made of a 7-cm layer rebound.
      • These mattresses are used in inpatient wards and they can be ordered in different thicknesses.
      • The waterproof polyurethane surface of this mattress prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the patient’s body by passing steam molecules.
      • The fabric used in these mattresses is purchased from reputable world-class brands.

Rebound mattress

Technical Specifications of Rebound Mattress

      • Mattress dimensions: 7*90*200 cm
      • Foam Density: 80kg/m3
      • Suitable for inpatient wards
      • The waterproof Turkish polyurethane cover
      • Using Two-side stretch fabric
      • It can be ordered with a leather cover.
      • Two years foam warranty
      • One-year cover warranty

Download the Catalogs of our Hospital Mattresses here:
Hospital Mattresses Catalogs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many types of hospital mattresses does our company produce?

      • Cold Foam Mattress
      • Smart Foam Mattress
      • Rebound Mattress

2. What is the height of Rebound Mattresses?

10 & 7-centimeter Rebound Mattress.

3. What is the Mattress cover material?

The cover of the mattress is made of polyurethane, but upon customer request, it can also be ordered with a leather cover.

4. How many types of covers do we have for hospital mattresses?

TPU cover and leather cover.

5. What is the density of the Foam?

Foam Density: 80kg/m3.

6. To what extent can this mattress bear the weight of the patient?

Up to 180 kg.

7. What kind of foam is used in the mattress?

High-quality condensed Foam with 80kg/m3 density.

8. Is the mattress cover waterproof?


9. Is the mattress cover anti-sweat?

The polyurethane cover is anti-sweat.

10. How many years of warranty does this mattress have?

Two-year foam warranty and one-year cover warranty

11. Can it be ordered in different sizes?


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